Stewards' Terms and Conditions

General policy
It is our duty to provide a safe environment for all Show visitors, exhibitors and contractors to the show.

All stewards should make themselves acquainted with the showground layout, the whereabouts of Police, Fire Tender, First Aid posts and the duty rotas for medical and veterinary officers as detailed in their Stewards' Notes. In case of FIRE contact the authorities or any police officer patrolling the Showground.
Special vigilance required of all Stewards to meet the requirements of the Code of Practice for Safety and Accident Prevention- any incident or potential danger should be reported to your Senior Steward who is in possession of a detailed copy of this Code of Practice- he will advise the Safety Officer Steward and take appropriate action. If necessary please fill out the Incident Report form in Stewards’ Notes and hand in to the Show Office. This will be logged in the accident report book in the Show Office.

It is the duty of all Stewards to see that anyone mounted on horseback complies with all safety regulations. Light Horse Stewards are particularly asked to observe the guidelines laid down in their section particularly the compulsory wearing of hard hats with chin strap fastened whilst mounted.
Risk Assessments have been produced for each section of the Show where applicable and these must be adhered too. Each Senior Steward will be given copies of the risk assessments pertaining to their areas and these will be discussed with you prior to the commencement of the Show. Further copies are available from the Show Office. Risk Assessments have been completed for all tradestands and displays.

The SAA reserves the right to prevent access to the Suffolk Show in 2022 if you are not vaccinated against Covid or can demonstrate, in line with Government policy at the time, that you are not Covid positive at the time you wish to be admitted.

Stewards should wear suits and bowler hats during the time of the Show and lady Stewards the attired and hat of their choice.

General Show Organisation
Each Senior Steward is entirely responsible for the organisation of his/her own section during the period of the Show. Any queries which stewards may have regarding their work at the Show should be made direct to the senior steward of their department. Senior Stewards shall refer any queries to the Show Director.
Articles of association, By-Laws and Regulations - These are printed separately and a copy is available in the Show office. The Show is held under the Articles of Association, By-Laws and Regulations of the Suffolk Agricultural Association Agricultural Societies and all others attending the Show. Please note that balloons are not allowed on the Showground as they pose threat to riders and animals.

Use of Public Address System
This is solely for the use of commentators. A comprehensive system has been installed and is only to be used for emergencies on the advice of the police or to notify visitors if serious traffic holdups.

All stewards are asked to attend the pre-show Stewards' Briefing.  Stewards' packs including stewards' notes will be available at the briefing.


Additional Information

Stewards’ Badges
These admit to the Showground, Judges’ and Stewards’ Pavilion, Vice-Presidents’ and Members’ Enclosures, and all other ancillary and subsidiary exhibitions. Each Steward is provided with a Members’ Car Park Pass.

Entertainment of Judges
The Show Director asks all Stewards to make their Judge's acquaintance prior to the Judges' & Stewards' Dinner on  in the Ringside Club marquee for drinks - 7pm PROMPT. Ensure he or she is looked after during the time they are Association’s guests. On Show Days Judges must be accompanied at meals. If a quick lunch is required or your Judge is likely to be delayed- see the Stewards in the Judge’s & Stewards’ Pavilion, they will make appropriate arrangements if asked beforehand.

Show Open Hours
The Show will be open at 7:30am each day and close as stated in the programme.

Car Parks
Motor Cars, Lorries, Coaches, Motor Cycles and Cycles admitted will be left along with contents entirely at the owner’s risk. Members’, VPs’ and Exhibitors’ Car Labels will entitle cars to be parked in the forward parking areas at no charge. Other vehicles admitted to car parks on payment of the fee or on presentation of a public car park pass which can be purchased before the Show. Coaches are parked free.

Caravan Park for Show Visitors
There are limited number of places on the Association’s caravan site, situated on the Bucklesham Road, opposite the Showground for the duration of the Show. Caravans must be on site by 9:00pm on the night before first show day - all caravans to be removed by the weekend following the show.