The Farm Discovery Zone

The family favourite Farm Discovery Zone will be back for the 2024 Suffolk Show and there is so much to to look forward to including...

Spinners and weavers – Discover how a sheep’s fleece is processed and turned into wool for crafts, clothing and more!  You can watch as the wool is traditionally spun on a spinning wheel and get crafty too with hands on fibre crafts and weaving activities using weaving sticks, peg looms and gods eyes.
Goat mountain – Goats love climbing! See them as they nimbly navigate up goat mountain
Pedal tractors - Have a trundle around on some tractors!
Animals - Meet the friendly farm animals from Easton Farm Park.
Pony grooming - Treat a pony to a gentle brush and get them feeling glamorous!
Rabbit and guinea pigs petting - Meet some new furry friends!
Sheep Show – An entertaining and educational show about different sheep breeds and the importance of wool. Look forward to the famous finale – dancing sheep!
Moo View – Meet the farmer and cows that are used to produce beef
Sausage Tasting – Enjoy a yummy sausage courtesy of the Ladies in Pigs team as well as discovering more about the pigs that are used to produce them, have a go at sausage roll making

Farm Machinery - A tractor and trailer has so many jobs to do on the farm.  Explore how they help in the planting, growing and harvesting of cereal crops and discover how a combine harvester works too.
Cook With Me Kids – Make your own dough balls and dip to takeaway with you and enjoy!  From wheat to flour to dough, there’s so much to learn about all the ingredients involved!

Dairy Den – Pop into the Dairy Den to see cows being milked throughout the day and find out what food they eat to make milk.  

Strawberry DNA Extraction – Come and have a go at being a real scientist and extract some DNA from strawberries with The Little Story Telling Company.   Did you know, you share 60% of your DNA with a strawberry?!  Plus strawberries can be used to make your favourite milkshakes and ice-creams too!

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