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Previous Conferences




 Drop a pin in a map of Britain today and within almost any ten-mile radius, there will be glorious gardens worthy of celebrations. To the huge benefit of the nation, the last thirty years there has emerged a new golden age of garden creation and Britain’s magnificent gardens come in an endless variety of size, date, style and purpose. These much admired gardens are partnerships of planting and garden design and marry together gardens, houses and landscapes with people and history. They create atmosphere that, with visual beauty, reaches the inner soul, and becomes the stuff of memories.

Gardening – An English Love Affair, Thursday 5 November 2015

 A love affair with a garden seems to be an especially English form of love. Fortunately gardening is one of those creative activities that produces a rewarding sensation of achievement; the many approaches to gardening give us the satisfaction of expressing ourselves. Whether individual plants are appreciated for their own beauty or whether it is the aesthetics of arranging plants to complement their setting that fascinates you, the gardening world has many of us hooked. Gardening, in its humble way, is both an art and a craft, a really humanising occupation. Our distinguished speakers will surely help deepen your appreciation of gardens and gardening.


Innovation For Agriculture East - 11 November 2014


The World of Trees - November 2013

The Suffolk Agricultural Association hosted "The World of Trees" Gardening Conference on Thursday 7 November 2013.  It attracted the highest ever turnout since the bi-annual event begun in 2005, over 200 delegates were treated to a fascinating day.  Chaired by the past president of the Royal Horticultural Society, and founder of the Millennium Seedbank Giles Coode-Adams. 

Thank you to the Horticultural Committee, Stephen Miles, John Dyter, Hannah Woods and Helen Fomenko.


Creating the Resilient Farm Business - February 2013

Encouraging the region’s farm businesses to become more resilient to outside factors such as increasing price volatility in agricultural commodities, energy and financial markets was the topic occupying minds of the 100 plus farmers who attended the annual spring agricultural conference, held in February 2013.

The event was sponsored by AtlasFram Group, the UK’s foremost farmer-owned farm inputs purchasing and crop marketing co-operative, together with solicitors Mills & Reeve and as usual included an impressive platform of key industry speakers and chaired by Stonham Aspal farmer James Forrest.