Suffolk Show 2022 - Music Timetable

Tuesday 31 May Wednesday 1 June
Location Time Performer Location Time Performer
Red PollAll Day

Gen X Radio presents: 

Robbie and Jules Gladwell acoustic set

Candy Apple Sun

Red PollAll Day

Gen X Radio presents:

Jade MayJean Peters alongside Dusky Sunday

Curtis Culley with his 3 busketeers

Eat StreetAll Day (10 - 3)Caribbean BandEat StreetAll Day (10-3)Caribbean Band
Suffolk The Platinum Years11:00FlashmobSuffolk The Platinum Years11:00The Knightingales
12:00Dance East12:00Dance East
14:30Dance East14:30Dance East
Ninth Avenue10:00Will FoleyNinth Avenue10:00Will Foley
11:00Brooke Telling11:00Brooke Telling
12:00Serena Grant12:00Serena Grant
13:00Will Foley13:00Will Foley
14:00Roma Nicholson14:00Roma Nicholson
15:00Serena Grant15:00Serena Grant
16:00Brooke Telling16:00Brooke Telling
17:00Roma Nicholson17:00Roma Nicholson
Flower Show10:00Pop ChorusFlower Show10:00Wings of Swing
11:00Wings of Swing11:00Pop Chorus
12:00The Knightingales12:00St Edmundsbury Male Voice Choir
13:00Ipswich Hospital Band13:00St Peters Band
14:00Wings of Swing14:30St Edmundsbury Male Voice Choir
15:00Ipswich Hospital Band15:30St Peters Band
Suffolk Ram11:00FlashmobSuffolk Ram11:00Flashmob
13:00The Knightingales13:00The Knightingales
14:00Pop Chorus14:00Pop Chorus
15:00Will Foley15:00Will Foley