About Us

The Suffolk Agricultural Association is a charity formed in 1831.

As an organisation: to raise our profile as a charity by being a force for good and central to all matters food, farming and the countryside in Suffolk.  To build a dynamic and vibrant membership association with relevance to all farmers and those engaged in Suffolk’s rural economy.  To harness the commitment and enthusiasm of our members and volunteers to disseminate knowledge and education about food and farming.     

In Education: to provide facilities/facilitation for learning about food, farming, the countryside and wider environmental issues enabling informed connection between tomorrow’s consumers and the producers, and to contribute to the growth of the rural economy through inspiring particularly younger people to explore the wide range of careers the sector offers.     

Our many volunteers, who support a range of educational programs and activities, are key to the success of them.  Within our many volunteers we have real experts on a range of areas linked to agriculture and their knowledge sharing with either the general public or more formally with schools when they participate in formalised learning days is invaluable.

Through the Suffolk Show: to continue to be a ‘best in class’ county show which is relevant and appealing to a modern and increasingly urban based consumer/visitor.  To also be a focal point for the ‘Suffolk brand’ and promotion of the cultural offer.   

At Trinity Park: to manage the estate to best advantage in order to contribute to the long-term financial sustainability of the SAA, whilst enhancing the Show infrastructure and educational activities.

We work hard to engage with all communities in our county particularly those with disabilities by making sure we can manage and look after visitors appropriately when they attend events at Trinity Park.