Head Farriery Steward Stands down after more than 10 years

Stuart Garrard DipWCF, head steward of the farriery at the Suffolk Show for more than 10 years, is now standing down. During this time Stuart has co-ordinated the farriery classes at the Show and also helped organise many successful pre-diploma training days for apprentice farriers at Trinity Park. The SAA is reliant on many generous volunteers giving up their time to support the charity’s initiatives and is very grateful to all those volunteers who support the SAA’s calendar of events.  Stuart remains on the newly formed farriery committee which is headed up by Ben Duthie DipWCF and Robert Shave FWCF.

Ben Duthie has stewarded at the Suffolk Show for more than 15 years, working closely with Stuart in recent years to co-ordinate the farriery classes, and Robert Shave, recently awarded his Fellowship of the Worshipful Company of Farriers, has competed at the Show since the first year of his apprenticeship and has also judged best feet and best shod horse competitions at the show.

The Suffolk Show hosts two days of competitive farriery classes and an exciting new schedule for the 2018 Show will be announced in due course. 

The SAA continues to invest in its forge and facilities and the new farriery committee has been formed with an aim to organise more training days and competitions for both apprentice and qualified farriers and to further utilise the facilities by hosting more farriery and forging events at Trinity Park in the future.  The SAA is delighted to announce that in April 2018 Trinity Park will be welcoming farriery teams from across the United Kingdom when it hosts the Home International for the first time.

For further information and updates about forthcoming events, go to the Farriery at Trinity Park facebook page. Follow @FarrieryatTrinityPark.