The Queen’s Green Canopy in Suffolk

Across the nation, in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, people will be planting trees to form what is being called ‘The Queen’s Green Canopy’.

In Suffolk we are already well on our way towards a target of 770,000 new trees planted, preserving existing trees and hedges as we go.  That number represents one tree for every person in Suffolk.  In many ways this scheme is at the heart of Suffolk’s appeal, and it’s igniting people’s imaginations up and down the county.

We want to ensure that everyone in Suffolk can Plant a Tree for the Jubilee, directly or through someone else.  Our partners can help people to plant new and maintain existing trees and hedges in locations across Suffolk as single specimens, small copses, woods or forests in rural and urban settings.

People will take part for many different reasons.  Some as part of an existing planting plan, some wholeheartedly to celebrate the Queen.  Others may find that the act of planting trees or hedges and preserving existing stock allows them to commemorate people they love, or mark another personal event.  The Suffolk Community Foundation has also established a special Suffolk Canopy Fund.

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