Judges - Suffolk Show 2022 - Updated 28/03/22

Please note, this list will be updated regularly. All judges are subject to change.


Farriery Competitions - Mr A Mercer AWCF


Best Shod Horse Competition - Mr D Mallender AWCF

Clydesdale Horses - Mr P Moss

In-Hand Harness Horse - Mr R Green

Percheron Horses - Mr T Henfrey

Ridden Heavy Horse - Ms P Coles (Ride); Mr P Moss (Conformation)

Shire Horses - Mr J Worthington

Suffolk Horses - Mr M Burks

Suffolk Horses - Best Feet - Mr D Mallender AWCF

Turnouts: Agricultural - Mr R Green

Turnouts: Championship - Mr R Green

Turnouts: Novice (NEW) - Mr R Green

Turnouts: Trade - Mr C Beardmore

Turnouts: Two Wheeled Cart - Mr R Green

Young Handlers - Mr T Henfrey


Light Horses/Ponies - Dawn Gooch

Heavy Horses - Mr C Beardmore

Overall Supreme - Mr S A Hollings


Supreme Flat Ridden Championship - Miss L Cooke


Arabs: In-Hand - Mrs J Lowe

Arabs: Ridden - Mr R Mills (Ride); Mrs J Lowe (Conformation)

Best Shod Horse Competition: Ridden Hunters - Mr C McCabe AWCF

Breeding Ponies - Mrs L Hamilton

Coaching: Marathon, Cock Horse Competition and Horn Blowing - Mr J Richards

Cobs: HOYS Ridden - Mr M Lawrence (Ride); Mr S A Hollings (Conformation)

Donkeys - Mrs B Evans

Double Harness Scurry - Miss C Williamson & Mr I Williamson

Foreign & Rare Native Breeds: In-Hand & Ridden - Miss B Millington

Hacks & Riding Horses: In-Hand - Mr S A Hollings

Hacks: RIHS Ridden - Miss B Millington (Ride & Conformation)

Hunters: In-Hand - Miss B Millington

Hunters: RIHS Ridden Amateur - Mrs L Daly (Ride); Dawn Gooch (Conformation)

Hunters: HOYS Ridden Weights & Small - Mrs L Daly (Ride); Mrs L Hamilton (Conformation)

Hunters: RIHS Ladies - Mrs L Daly (Ride); Miss B Millington (Conformation)

Irish Draught: In-Hand - Miss T Southern

Irish Draught: Ridden - Miss T Southern (Ride & Conformation)

Lusitanos: In-Hand, Ridden & Equitation - Mr R Chamberlin

Mountain & Moorland: In-Hand Championship - Mr D Blair

Mountain & Moorland: In-Hand Connemara & New Forest - Mrs B McGrath

Mountain & Moorland: In-Hand Dales, Fell & Highland - Mrs G M Cockbain

Mountain & Moorland: In-Hand Dartmoor & Exmoor - Mrs B McGrath

Mountain & Moorland: In-Hand Shetland - Mrs G A Cowell

Mountain & Moorland: In-Hand Welsh (A & B) - Mr P de Rade (Zonneweide)

Mountain & Moorland: In-Hand Welsh (C & D) - Mr P de Rade (Zonneweide)

Mountain & Moorland: Lead Rein & First Ridden - Mrs G A Cowell

Mountain & Moorland: Ridden BSPS Heritage Direct Qualifier - Mr M Lawrence; Mrs B McGrath

Mountain & Moorland: Ridden (NPS) - Mrs G A Cowell; Miss A Kelly

Mountain & Moorland Working Hunter Ponies: Novice - Mr D Blair; Mr P Cook

Mountain & Moorland Working Hunter Ponies - Mrs G M Cockbain; Mrs C Fletcher

Part-Bred Ridden Ponies: HOYS - Mr P Cook; Mrs D L Partridge

Pleasure Driving - Ms A Winn

Private Driving - Ms A Winn

Private Driving: Concours D'Elegance - Mrs S Walrond

Rescue: In-Hand & Ridden - Miss T Southern

Riding Horses: HOYS Ridden - Mr P Cook (Ride); Dawn Gooch (Conformation)

RoR Challenge - Mrs L Daly (Ride); Lady Carolyn Warren (Conformation)

RoR Thoroughbred Ridden Show Horse - Mrs L Daly (Ride); Lady Carolyn Warren (Conformation)

Senior Showing: RIHS In-Hand & Ridden Qualifier - Mrs J Dean; Ms H Linfield

Show Hunter Ponies - Heights: RIHS - Miss B Millington

Show Hunter Ponies - Lead Rein: HOYS - Miss B Millington

Show Ponies - Heights: HOYS - Mrs M-R Cole; Mr P Cook

Show Ponies - Lead Rein & First Ridden: RIHS - Mrs M-R Cole; Mr P Cook

Side Saddle: Classical, Equitation & Concours D'Elegance - Miss B Millington

Skewbald & Piebald: In-Hand - Mrs C Merrigan-Martin

Skewbald & Piebald: BSPA RIHS Ridden - TBC (Ride); Mrs C Merrigan-Martin (Conformation)

Skewbald & Piebald: Unaffiliated Ridden - Ms L Lawrence

Special Best In-Hand Pony - Mr D Blair

Sport Horse: In-Hand - Miss L Cooke

Sport Horse: Flat Ridden - Miss B Millington

Trade & Vintage Vehicle Turnouts - Ms A Winn

Traditional Gypsy Cobs: In-Hand & Ridden (NEW) - Miss T Southern

Working Hunter Ponies: RIHS - Mrs D L Partridge; Mr D Blair

Working Hunters: Unaffiliated (NEW), Novice & RIHS Open - Mrs L Daly (Ride);  Dawn Gooch (Conformation)

Working Show Horse - Mr M Lawrence (Ride); Mr R Mills (Conformation)


Show Jumping - Mrs J Biddle; Mr P Brighten; Mrs G Lloyds; Miss C Williamson; Mr I Williamson


Aberdeen Angus - Mr R A Stovold

Any Other Pure Beef Breed - Mr T Hill

British Limousin - Mr H Parker

British Simmental - Mr T Hill

Commercial Beef - Mr E Davy

Dairy Breeds - TBC

Dexter - Mrs H Wing

Hereford - Mr P Cobley

Holstein Young Breeders' Calf Show - TBC

Inter-Breed: Beef - Mr A Ivory

Inter-Breed: Dairy - TBC

Lincoln Red - Mr M Clough

Longhorn National Show - Mrs L Burditt

Red Poll Inter-College Competition - Mr R Draper, Australia

Red Poll National Show - Mr R Draper, Australia

Red Poll Young Handlers - Mr R Draper, Australia

South Devon - Mr S J Ward

Young Handlers & Calf Classes: Beef - Mr A Ivory

Young Handlers & Calf Classes: Dairy - TBC

Young Handlers - Red Poll - Mr R Draper, Australia


Blue Texel - Mrs S Andrews

Charollais - Mr W McAllister

Commercial Sheep & Butchers Lambs - Mr E Davy

Coloured Ryeland - Mr D Duggan

Continental - Mr W McAllister

Fleece Competition - Miss M Starkings

Hampshire Down - Mr K P McCarthy

Inter-Breed - Mr J Sinclair

Jacob - Mrs S Taylor

Longwool - Mrs S Prescott

Norfolk Horn - Mr J Burn

Other Down Breeds - Mrs S Farquhar

Other Native Breeds - Mrs S Farquhar

Southdown - Mr A Brown

Suffolk - Mr S Brown

Texel - Mr A Andrews

Wensleydale - Mrs S Prescott

Young Handlers - Mr J Sinclair


Dairy Goats & Junior Showmanship - Mr T Garry

East Anglian Summer Show - Mrs V Hardy


BPA Pig & Young Pig of the Year Qualifiers - Mr B Upchurch

Commercial Pig Classes & Championship - TBC

Pedigree Pig Championship & Pairs Classes - Mr B Upchurch

Pedigree Pig Classes - Mrs P Horsley

Young Handlers - Mr B Upchurch