Changes to the Equine & Livestock Schedules - 2022



The days for judging, listed on page 68 are incorrect.  The text should read 'Judging commences on Tuesday at 9.35am (122cms) and 2.00pm (148cms) and the Final on Wednesday at 11.45am in the Collins Grand Ring'.  (15/03/22)

Senior Showing

Mr R Marks is no longer eligible to judge the Senior Showing classes because of qualifier limits.  Mrs H Linfield from Hampshire has very kindly agreed to judge.  (21/04/22)


Coloured Ryeland

Classes are now open to both MV accredited and Non-MV accredited sheep.  The judging time has changed to accommodate this change and the classes will now commence at 10.15am in Ring 5.  (21/03/22)


Coloured Ryeland - moved to 10.15am in Sheep Ring 5 (no longer 8.00am in Sheep Ring 9).  (21/03/22)