Changes to the Equine & Livestock Schedules - 2019


RIHS Amateur Ridden Hunters (Ride) 
- Miss L Cooke will now be judging the Ride Phase of the RIHS Amateur Ridden Hunter classes, not Ms R Connors.
RIHS Ladies Ridden Hunters (Ride) - Mrs S Stephenson will now be judging the Ride Phase of the RIHS Ladies Ridden Hunter class, not Ms R Connors.
For the full list of judges, please click here.

In-Hand Welsh  - The highest placed geldings, aged 3 years old and under, from classes 280, 287, 294 and 301 will qualifying for class 305 - National High Point Junior Gelding of the Year (not class 298 as detailed in the printed and pdf versions of the schedule).  (14/03/19)

Heavy Horse Young Handlers - The class will commence at 5.00pm, not 'am' as printed in the schedule. (05/03/19)

In-Hand Shetland - Ms G Wright from Hampshire will be judging the In-Hand Shetlands.  Apologies, Mrs D P Wright's stud name was added to the printed schedule in error. (04/03/19)

In-Hand & Ridden Rescue - The entry fees for classes 176 and 177 are as follows:  Entry fee (per entry, inc VAT) - SAA Members £25.00; Non-Members £30.00. (01/03/19)

Equine Influenza - By-law 50 in the printed and pdf versions of the Schedule - Should read 'All horses, ponies and donkeys MUST have completed a course of Equine Influenza vaccination with a licensed vaccine prior to entering the Showground.  Within the last 12 months.....etc.  (Corrected in the online By-laws.)  The Suffolk Agricultural Association will continue to monitor the situation and take veterinary advice regarding Equine Influenza and we will advise exhibitors if there are further amendments to this By-law.



Southdown - Class 589 should read ' have reared a lamb(s) in 2019'.  (14/03/19)

Sheep Young Handlers - Entry criteria amended to the following: Entry is restricted to young persons leading stock from flocks which have supplied entries in the pedigree and commercial sheep classes at the Suffolk Show.  Classes will be judged on the handler's ability.  Entries will be accepted on the day.  (12/03/19)

Red Poll Inter-College Competition - Miss A Hunt is no longer able to judge this year.  Replacement judge to be confirmed.  (04/03/19)



Any Other Dairy Breed Cattle will be judged at 10.00am on Wednesday.  (Dairy Cattle are also listed at 8.00am in the printed and pdf copies of the schedule, in error.)