Changes to the Equine & Livestock Schedules - 2018


Class 158 - Clarification of the format for the Lusitano Equitation Class - Horses to enter the ring and parade at leisure.   To be judged on turnout, manners and the quality of showmanship, at the judge’s discretion.



Pedigree Pigs - British Saddleback - Class 727
The highest placed Saddleback born in 2018 of either sex will be eligible to enter for the final of the Junior Saddleback Championship at Malvern Autumn Show 29 & 30 September 2018.  The Champion Saddleback at the show will be eligible for the Champion of Champions competition also to be held at Malvern Autumn Show**.  The overall winner of the sow, July and September gilt classes will be eligible for the British Saddleback Breeding Female Championship, which will be held at the Great Yorkshire Show. Entries will also have to be entered in the main classes of the Yorkshire Show.**
 **Qualification is open to Club members only


Currently no changes.