Teachers comments

“Without a doubt this experience for our children has been totally perfect and could only have been improved if the day had been longer!”

“Ideal for years 3 & 4 - The children produced some excellent follow up work from this day.”

“Overall it was a great day- one of the best school visits I have been on.”

Pupil letters

I loved tasting the food especially the lamb.  I had a great day!  It was really interesting.

I enjoyed touching the chicks.  The chicks fluffy feathers made me feel relaxed and calm.  Seeing the beagles was fun!  I loved their wagging tails – it made me feel lively and excited.

Watching the sheep getting shaved was the best.

I think this was one of the best school trips I have ever been on because it was fun, exciting and I loved seeing all the animals.  The sausages were the best I have ever eaten.