Changes to the Equine & Livestock Schedules - 2017


Heavy Horses - Prize Money for entries forward - Page 14 - Prize money will be paid for all entries forward in the In-hand Suffolk, Shire, Percheron and Clydesdale classes.  (Added 08/03/17.)

Unaffiliated Ridden Hunter - The wording for Class 89 should read 'Unaffiliated Ridden Hunter - Mare or Gelding, 4 years old or over' it should NOT include the word 'Local'.  Apologies for any confusion.


Holstein, Jersey, Any Other Dairy Breed & Holstein Calf Show - Mr J Gribbon will no longer be judging in 2017.  Mr G Lucas has kindly agreed to judge the classes.

Sheep Dogs - The classes will be held on Thursday 1 June, not Wednesday as listed on page 53 of the printed schedule.

Texel Sheep - Mr S Richardson can no longer judge in 2017.  A replacement judge will be confirmed in due course.


Currently no changes.