Livestock By-laws (2017)

The Suffolk Show – Wednesday 31 May & Thursday 1 June 2017

By-laws – Livestock Section

(Including General Regulations covering the Suffolk Show, all subject to VAT Regulations and Directions, and to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974).

1)  Subject to clause 1.2, the Suffolk Agricultural Association, its Trustee Board, its officers, employees, agents or subcontractors (together the “Association”) will not be liable for or accountable to any person for:

(a)     any accident or injury, fatal or otherwise, or for any disease, damage or loss that may occur to any person;

(b)     any theft, damage, destruction or loss of property;

(b)     loss or damage that may occur to or be caused by any animal, article or vehicle exhibited or brought on to the Showground or car parks. 

1.2)  Nothing in this disclaimer shall limit or exclude the Association’s liability for:

(a)     death or personal injury or damage to property caused by negligence on the part of the Association; or

(b)     any matter in respect of which it would be unlawful for the Association to exclude or restrict liability.

1.3)  Each exhibitor, competitor, its employees, agents or subcontractors (together the “Exhibitor”) shall be held solely liable for any accident, loss, injury or damage that may occur to or be caused by any animal, article, vehicle or property exhibited or brought on to the Showground or car parks by the Exhibitor.

1.4)  The Exhibitor shall indemnify and keep the Association indemnified against all liabilities, losses, costs, expenses and damages, including a claim made against the Association by a third party for death, personal injury or damage to property (including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties and legal and other professional costs and expenses) suffered or incurred by the Association as a result of or in connection with any animal, article, vehicle or property brought on to the Showground or car parks by the Exhibitor. 

1.5)  Acceptance of the provisions of this disclaimer shall be a condition of entry.

1.6)  The Exhibitor will have in force, maintain and comply with the terms of its own appropriate insurance (with a minimum limit of £5 million per claim for Public, Products and Pollution Liability) to cover all risks and liabilities which the Exhibitor may incur.

1.7)  The Association reserves to itself by its Trustee Board or with the authority of that body the Chairman of the Executive the sole and absolute right to interpret these or any other prescribed conditions and regulations and arbitrarily to settle and determine all matters questions or differences in regard thereto or otherwise arising out of or connected with or incidental to the Show.  Also to refuse and to cancel any entries and relax any conditions or regulations as the Association may deem expedient.

1.8)  The Association reserves to its Trustee Board the sole right of decision to postpone, cancel, abandon or curtail the Show. Where such decision arises from events outside of the control of the Association, the Association shall not accept liability for any indirect or consequential loss, loss of profit, loss of reputation, all interests and penalties financial or otherwise arising thereby, nor for the refund of any fees and charges paid.

1.9)  Subject to clause 1.2, the Association’s maximum aggregate liability (for breach of contract or arising in tort or on any other basis whatsoever) shall be limited to the entry fee paid by the Exhibitor.

The Show will open at 7.30am each day and close as stated in the Programme. No admission after 5.30pm either day.

All persons are admitted to the Car Parks and Showground at their own risk; please see By‑law 1.

It shall be a condition of admittance to the Showground and Car Parks that no person shall ply for trade as snap‑shot photographer or solicit trade with visitors to the Show in any other capacity deemed by the Association’s officers to cause annoyance. The Association reserves the right to expel from the Showground and Car Parks, without repayment of the admission charge, anyone who infringes this By‑law.

Officials, Vice‑Presidents and their Guests, Members and their Guests, Exhibitors and Livestock Attendants will be admitted on production of their badge and surrender of Day Ticket. Any Vice‑President, Member, Guest, Exhibitor, Livestock Attendant or other person, forgetting to bring his/her badge or ticket/wristband to the Show will have to pay the full admission charge operating at the time of arrival. Badges and tickets should be carefully preserved. Without exception, if a badge holder loses their badge, no refund will be made by the Association and a charge of £20 will be made for a replacement.

Vice‑Presidents’ metal badges remain the property of the Association and are to be retained by the person to whom they are issued until such time as he or she sends in a written resignation or fails to pay the renewal subscription, when the badge is to be surrendered.

Vice‑Presidents’ and Members’ Guest Badges may be purchased by Members and Vice-Presidents. They are strictly intended for use by the family and close friends of a Vice‑President or Member ‑ therefore such badges cannot be issued in bulk.

Vice‑Presidents’ Guest Badges are available to Vice‑Presidents for their family/friends at £65.00 (two day) or £42.50 (one day) each including VAT. The badge entitles the holder to the same privileges as a Vice‑President on the Showground.

Members’ Guest Badges, valid for one day only, are available to Members for their family/friends at £37.00 each including VAT.  The badge entitles the holder to the same privileges as a Member on the Showground, including use of the Members’ Enclosure.

Guest Badges do not include a car park pass.

Pass Out Facilities will be available on request.

The Ringside Clubs for Vice-Presidents. Members, Judges and Stewards are sited alongside the Grand Ring, with access to the lawn in front.  The Clubs are intended for use by Vice-Presidents, Vice-Presidents’ guests, Judges and Stewards and Members and Member’s Guests and their young children – under 16 years of age (who need not necessarily be badge holders).  Otherwise the Steward and Gatekeepers in charge will only admit those entitled to use the particular Club and wearing the appropriate badge and dress. Unaccompanied children will not be admitted.

Reduced price Show admission tickets are available by postal application up until Thursday 25 May 2017 or online at or at ticket outlets (listed on the website) up until midnight on Tuesday 30 May 2017.

The tickets can be used on either day but will admit once only and must be surrendered at the gates.  No refund will be issued if unused. 


Advance Purchase

Gate Price




Senior Citizen (60+)



Young Person (15-18 years inclusive)



Children (14 years and under)



Car Park




Motor Cars, Lorries, Coaches, Motor Cycles and Cycles admitted will be left along with contents entirely at the owner’s risk. Members’, VPs’ and Exhibitors’ Car Labels will entitle cars to be parked in the forward parking areas at no charge. Other vehicles admitted to car parks on payment of the fee or on presentation of a public car park pass which can be purchased before the Show.  Coaches are parked free.

There are a limited number of places on the Association’s Caravan site, situated on the Bucklesham Road, opposite the Showground, at a cost of £42.50 for the duration of the Show.  Caravans must be on site by 9.00pm on the Tuesday ‑ all caravans to be removed by the weekend following the Show.

All passes are issued subject to exhibitors’ being responsible for the proper use thereof.  Exhibitors may be fined up to £50 in each case of transfer or other improper use of any pass.  In addition, any exhibitor infringing this regulation may risk expulsion from the Showground for this and subsequent Shows.

All those entering the Showground must have a valid admission ticket or wristband or pay the relevant entry fee on arrival.

TICKET ALLOCATION – LIVESTOCK:  Exhibitor wristbands in appropriate numbers will be issued

Additional admission tickets and vehicle passes for the public car parks can be purchased when submitting entries or at any time up until Thursday 25 May 2017.

Any outstanding accounts due to the Association may result in that exhibitor’s tickets and passes being subsequently withheld.

Parking space for livestock lorries will be provided near the Horse, Cattle, Sheep, Pig and Goat Lines, but vehicles will be parked under the direction of the Stewards and must not hinder the flow of traffic on avenues or roadways.  Exhibitors should follow the signs and enter the Showground at the correct entrance, as directed.  Please note, there are no electric hook-up facilities in the vehicle park.

Gates 11 and 12 will be open from 6.00am until 10.00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Only vehicles displaying a completed and valid vehicle pass will be admitted.  All other vehicles must be parked in the public car parks.

Gate 1, leading into the actual Showground will be closed from 10.00pm the night before the Show opens and will remain closed until 7.00pm the second day. Lorries or cars will not be permitted on the Showground during the two days of the Show, except those vehicles displaying a TSV Pass. These will be allowed to use Gate 1 before 8.00am and after 7.00pm on Show days.

The Association reserves the right to remove any car or vehicle from the Showground if it remains in an Avenue or other conspicuous place after 8.00am on Show days.

Petrol generators are not permitted in the vehicle parks or any area of the Showground.

Any changes to this printed schedule, including changes of judges, will be detailed on the relevant page of the Suffolk Show website at Exhibitors are asked to check the site regularly for up to date information.

Entry forms may be obtained from the Livestock Office, Tel: 01473 707115 or can be downloaded from the website at  Please ensure that requests are made well in advance of the closing date.

A complete list of closing dates can be found at the front of the Prize Schedule.  Late entries will not be accepted. Completed and correct entry forms must be submitted, together with the Summary Form and appropriate fees, by the date listed.

13)  It is a condition of entry that all exhibitors’ names and addresses will be printed in the Catalogue.

Membership is optional for all livestock and equine classes although Members and Vice Presidents receive a reduction on their entry/stall fees.

A summary of entry fees can be found on page seven of the Prize Schedule. The Association will not be responsible for entries received after the closing date and exhibitors and competitors are advised, therefore, to send their entries written‑out correctly on SAA forms, along with the Summary of Entries Form and full payment, well before the official closing date, in view of the postal delays which occur. VAT is payable on all entry fees.   There will be a compulsory first aid charge of £2.50 per exhibitor.

Refunds on entry fees will only be considered if a vet/medical certificate is supplied to the Association by 12.00pm on 2 June 2017, stating that the animal/exhibitor is unfit to show, and provided that the exhibitor pack, containing ALL wristbands, vehicle passes etc are returned, unused, to the Equine and Livestock Office within three days of the Show.  Entries not forward for any reason other than injury or illness will forfeit all entry fees.

If the Council shall refuse entry(ies) or cancel any class(es) then such entry fees may be refunded at the discretion of the Council. The Association may refuse any entry, or cancel any entry already accepted, without any reason for doing so and reserves the right to refuse entries from any person who is under exclusion or suspension by any Breed, Livestock or Show organisation.  Whenever under this Regulation an entry is refused or cancelled, or an exhibit is refused admission or removed, the fees paid for any such exhibit may, at the discretion of the Council, be refunded and, if refunded, shall be accepted by the exhibitor or intending exhibitor in full satisfaction of all claims against the Association.

If the number of entries received in any one class is less than three and the number of exhibitors is less than two per class, then the Association reserves the right to amalgamate these classes where possible or, if not, to cancel the class(es) and refund the entry fees.

Any act of discourtesy to any judge, steward, Show Official or Show Organiser on the part of the exhibitor, groom, rider, attendant, handler, driver or agent of an animal will, at the discretion of such official, disqualify that animal from being judged, in which case entry fees, prizes and charges will be forfeited.

The Honorary Show Director shall have the power to remove from the Showground the stock or property belonging to any exhibitor who shall infringe any of the regulations or conditions of the Show, or who shall refuse to comply with any instructions given by the Stewards.

Exhibitors will be held responsible for the behaviour of their employees and for any penalties imposed for misconduct.

Stock entered for the Show must be the bona fide property of the Exhibitor at the time of entry and must be catalogued and exhibited under that name.  This does not prevent an animal being sold after entry, provided it is exhibited in the name of the person who entered it.  An entry or entries may be submitted on behalf of an exhibitor by an agent but in no case can the agent be described as the joint exhibitor unless he or she is bona fide, the joint owner of the exhibit entered.  In the event of the death of an exhibitor between the date of entry and the date of the Show, the executors of the deceased will be deemed to be the exhibitor.

Please check registration documents before submitting entries; the names of animals given on the entry forms MUST be those that are registered with their respective Breed Societies and entries MUST be catalogued under the name of the registered owner.  Catalogue proofs may be sent to Breed Societies to check.

Each exhibitor will be held responsible for the correctness of his entries and these must be made in a proper manner on the official and appropriate form, signed by the exhibitor or an authorised agent, and comply in every respect with these By‑laws and conditions, and to be accompanied by the appropriate fee or fees as specified on the Summary of Entries form. The Association will not accept responsibility for the correctness of any pedigree or other particulars inserted in the Show Catalogue, although every care will be taken to ensure accuracy.

Entry fees will not be refunded to exhibitors who enter ineligible animals.

Nominations or substitute entries will not be accepted after the entry closing.  Any person who has made an entry in any class and fails to exhibit shall forfeit all fees and charges paid.

For every animal, or pen of animals, entered for the Show and not exhibited, a fine of £5.00 will be imposed, unless the Secretary be properly informed beforehand that absence is caused by death, accident or disease of the animal or animals concerned. The amount of the fines so imposed will be deducted from the Prize Money, otherwise the exhibitor will be expected to pay the fine. In default the exhibitor’s entries will not be accepted the following year.

A Championship award is for the best exhibit, or best male or female of one breed, exhibited at the Show and entry for a Championship Prize is automatic. No animal is eligible to compete for a Special or Championship Prize unless it is entered in another class for which an entry fee has been paid. No entry fee is required in respect of Champion or Special prizes.

1st and 2nd prize-winners must, where eligible, parade for the Championship Prizes or they will be liable to forfeiture of their class prizes.

Prize money offered relates to the number of entries catalogued in each class.  See respective sections for details.

Cash prizes offered by the Association will be paid by cheque soon after the Show.  Any outstanding accounts due to the Association will be set-off against any prize money or other amount owed to the exhibitor.  All prize monies will be paid in the name of the Exhibitor under which the entry is made, they will not be made payable to a third party eg an agent.

The Association cannot accept responsibility for Special Prizes offered by Breed Societies.

The Association’s Challenge Cups are offered subject to the winner giving a written undertaking to return the Trophy, at their own expense, in good condition at least fourteen days before the date of the next Show. All Cups and Trophies are fully insured by the Association.  Cups/trophies will be engraved with the name given by the exhibitor on their entry form as their Catalogue Name (only one name per exhibitor).  No other names will be accepted and alterations will not be made.

The Association reserves the right to prevent any cup or trophy from leaving the Association’s premises.

Every effort will be made to engrave trophies during the Show for those exhibitors who wish to hold the trophy for the year.  However, for those not engraved at the Show, they can either be collected from Thurlow Champness in Bury St Edmunds or sent to the winning exhibitor when they are ready.

Exhibitors are forbidden to have any cup or trophy engraved.  Any exhibitor who ignores this ruling will be charged a substantial sum to cover the cost of restitution.

It is a condition of entry that all Heavy Horses and Cattle parade in the Grand Ring as indicated in the Programme or as directed by the Stewards, and any exhibitor or stockman who (without permission from the Steward of the section) is absent when called upon will be reported to the Council, who shall have the power to debar such exhibitor from showing at future Shows of the Association.   IMPORTANT:  Suffolk Horse and cattle exhibitors who do not appear with their animals in the Grand Parade on both days may forfeit their prize money and stabling/stall refund.

Exhibitors MUST abide by the legislation banning smoking in enclosed public places – for further information go to

Smoking by persons in charge of animals during judging or during parades/displays is strictly prohibited.  Because of the risk of fire, there is also a strict no smoking policy in all equine/livestock accommodation areas.

28)  DRESS
Stock attendants in charge of sheep and pigs must wear white coats when leading animals in the ring during judging and parades.  Stock attendants in charge of cattle must wear white coats or breed society uniform.

29)  All exhibitors of stock must be competent handlers. All livestock exhibitors must ensure supervision of livestock at all times whilst the animals are on the Showground.

Exhibitors are not permitted to enter an animal in any class which is to be judged by a person who has bred or has a financial interest in the animal.  The onus on complying with this regulation rests entirely with the exhibitor.  However, if through unforeseen circumstances, a judge has before him/her an animal which he/she has bred, owned, produced, had at livery in his/her yard or from which they have had financial gain, he/she shall place all the other animals in the class and shall then call in a referee judge to place the particular animal in question.

The Association reserves the right to substitute other judges for those mentioned in the Prize Schedule or make additional appointments without notification to Exhibitors and others.  All entries are accepted on this understanding and there will be no refund of entry fees where substitutions are made.  Notification of changes will be posted on the website at and, should time permit, exhibitors may be informed in writing.

Judges are asked not to award any prize in classes in which the animals exhibited do not possess sufficient merit. Where there is only one entry shown in a class the Judges may award the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th prize according to the merit of that entry.

Judges are not to be spoken to by any ringside spectator or exhibitor during the time judging is taking place and the Stewards will be asked to stop this practice.

Cattle, sheep, pigs and goats will be required in their respective Judging Rings in Catalogue order, as directed by the Stewards.

No animal will be allowed to wear or be displayed with any rosettes or ribbons other than those issued or awarded by the Association at the current year’s Show.

In all cases of a disputed prize, the protest, in writing, shall be made to the Executive Director/Secretary within one hour after the class is judged. The Executive Director/Secretary shall immediately give notice to the person against whom it is made, and shall report the same to the Honorary Director and Stewards of the Section concerned who shall, if possible, decide the case before the conclusion of the Show, otherwise it shall be referred to the Council, the decision of either the Stewards or the Council to be final. When an objection is heard, both the objector and the person objected to shall have notice.

Any person or persons lodging a protest shall deposit the sum of £50.00 with the Executive Director/Secretary.   If the objection involves testing for prohibited substances, the deposit required would be increased to cover the costs of sampling and laboratory examination.  If, upon investigation, the protest is considered frivolous, the sum thus deposited shall be forfeited to the funds of the Association.

No member of the Council shall take part in the settlement of a disputed prize for which he is a competitor.

Veterinary Officers will be appointed by the Association and will be in attendance at the Duty Veterinary Officers’ office at the rear of the cattle centre on the Showground should they be required by the Judges or should a protest be made respecting any animal.  If the Veterinary Centre is not manned contact may be made through the Woodward Centre during opening hours or via the Main Entrance Security personnel overnight.

Animals will not be subject to a veterinary inspection on the Showground except when considered necessary by the Judge or unless otherwise stated in the Prize Schedule or legislation.

The Honorary Director or any Senior Steward shall have the power to call a Veterinary Officer to examine any animal in the Showground and an Exhibitor shall be liable if an animal he has sent to the Show shall, to his knowledge, be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease and this may result in legal action.

No animal under sedation will be admitted. Any animal sedated on the Showground must be transferred home.

Exhibitors are liable for any costs incurred from treatment carried out by the Show’s Veterinary Officers.

In the event of death of an animal the costs associated with the disposal of the carcase are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

The Association’s Veterinary Officers or those appointed by DEFRA are authorised to exclude or place in isolation any animals which, in their opinion, are exhibiting any symptoms of contagious or infectious disease, or any other condition which they consider warrants its exclusion or whose identity cannot be adequately established.  In such event, a certificate recording the findings of the Inspector shall be handed to the person in charge of the rejected animal(s).

Each exhibitor of livestock shall be responsible for payment to the Association for costs incurred as and for liquidated damages for any animal sent for exhibition which has to be placed in isolation because it is showing signs or symptoms of contagious or infectious disease, or any form of disease likely to prove dangerous to other animals.

Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring in the event of the area from which entries are to be conveyed to the Show being declared a Movement Prohibited Area, that such entries are not sent for exhibition.

It is a condition of entry that the Association’s Veterinary Officers may on their own authority give to any animal such emergency treatment, at the cost of the exhibitors, as they may consider appropriate in the event that the owner or his/her representative cannot immediately be found.

Owners shall be responsible for the costs of transportation for additional treatment if necessary.

The Association prohibits the administration to Show exhibits of tranquilisers and other substances which may in any way affect the performance of the animal in question or have the effect of making it behave in the Show Ring in a manner which is not natural.  Any exhibitor (or his/her representative) who is found to have administered or permitted the administration of any such substance to any show exhibit will be dealt with at the Association’s discretion.  In addition, the matter will be referred to the appropriate Breed Society or Organisation.

Exhibitors must not bring tranquilisers/sedatives on to the showground.

The Association reserves the right for any appointed Veterinary Officer to take any necessary samples for subsequent analysis from any animal exhibited at the Show.

In accordance with the Health & Safety Legislation, all livestock exhibitors/stock attendants and equestrian exhibitors/competitors/grooms must comply with the above.

Exhibitors need to be aware that this is a busy agricultural Show with large crowds and traditional displays performing throughout the Showground; total segregation from both the general public and noisy attractions cannot, therefore, be guaranteed.

If an exhibitor has a nervous or highly strung animal he should consider whether it is prudent for him to risk bringing this animal to a busy agricultural Show.

The Show environment can be upsetting for horses and livestock, even those of a normally placid temperament.  Horses or livestock with unstable or aggressive temperaments must not be brought to the Showground.

When in the opinion of the Association’s Officers, the Police, the Health & Safety Executive or other competent authority an animal’s behaviour poses an immediate threat to life and limb of people in its immediate vicinity the Association reserves the right to instruct an authorised person to mitigate such threat in such a manner as shall to that authorised person seem appropriate, not excluding the humane destruction of the said animal and by exhibiting at the Suffolk Show exhibitors are deemed to authorise such person or persons to so act.

Exhibitors by exhibiting at the Suffolk Show acknowledge and agree that the Company, its employees, servants and agents shall not be liable for any such matters as are referred to in this By-law and in particular but not by way of limitation that the Association shall not be liable for any loss or damage (whether direct or indirect or consequential) suffered as a consequence of the Association instructing such person or persons as are referred to above.  Further, each exhibitor by exhibiting at the Suffolk Show hereby indemnifies and agrees to indemnify the Association, its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all liability, claims and costs which result therefrom.

The Suffolk Show is licensed by DEFRA and has a Biosecurity Officer whose job is to make sure that the rules are followed.

All livestock vehicles must enter and exit the Showground via Entrance 12 where cleansing facilities for the wheels and exterior of the vehicle are available.

Exhibitors must follow instructions given to them by the Show Organisers, Stewards, Officials and the Biosecurity Officer.  In particular, before leaving any animal area, exhibitors must cleanse and disinfect their footwear if it is contaminated with animal excreta and dispose of disposable clothing or change any contaminated clothing.

Exhibitors are also asked to keep the walkway beside their animal(s) as clear from all bedding, used feed or animal excreta as possible.

Livestock to remain in the accommodation areas/buildings except for the purpose of going to the Judging or Grand Ring or upon leaving the Showground.

Before leaving the Showground, exhibitors should clean and disinfect their footwear, clothing and any equipment.  Vehicle wheels will be cleansed of any visible contamination at the exit point (Entrance 12).

Livestock must be unloaded and re-loaded in the designated areas and not walked through the livestock vehicle parks.

The Association reserves the right to restrict the number of pens/stalls allocated, in which case a refund will be made of the relative fees.

All livestock vehicles must enter and exit the Showground via Entrance 12.  This entrance will be open from 6.00am until 10.00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Arrival (except Goats – see By-law 68)
Livestock must be on the Showground by 8.00am on the first day of the Show.

Sheep, pigs and goats will not be permitted to leave before 4.00pm and cattle will not be permitted to leave before 4.30pm or after the Cattle Parade if completed before that time, on the second day unless authority is given by the Association’s Veterinary Officers.

Exhibitors MUST ensure that they comply with the requirements of national legislation in force at the time of the Show.

The EU Welfare of Animals in Transport Regulation (EC) No 1/2005.
All exhibitors must ensure that they comply fully with the current legislation issued by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs regarding the above Transport Regulation which came in to force in January 2007 and are able to provide the appropriate documentation at the Show to the relevant governing authority.

For the purposes of this article, mammals shall not be considered fit for transport if they
(a)  are unfit animals (see DEFRA website Annex 1 Chapter 1 of Council Regulation 1/2005).

(b)  are pregnant female animals that have reached the latest stage of gestation (within 10% of the estimated time of the gestation before birth) and for a period of one week after giving birth.

(c)  are very young animals except if the journey is less than 100km, eg calves of less than 10 days of age, pigs less than 3 weeks of age and lambs of less than one week.

(d)  calves of less than 14 days of age on journeys exceeding 8 hours will not be permitted.

Cattle, including Commercial Beef, will be stalled in covered shedding with timber head boards and tie rings.  Should the level of entries demand it, temporary, canvas covered stalling may be used.   A charge of £25.00 inc VAT (Members) and £48.00 inc VAT (Non-Members) will be payable for each stall for the duration of the Show.  Exhibitors requirements, based on the anticipated number of cattle forward at the Show, and spare stall(s) for fodder (if required), to be stated on the Summary Form submitted with the entries.   (Also see By-law 44.)

No refund will be allowed on stalls subsequently not required through cancellation of entries or any other reason.

Cattle the property of one exhibitor and of one breed will stand together as far as possible, including the Commercial Beef.

Cattle will not be allowed to leave their stalls except for judging, Grand or Cattle Parades, milking or washing.  Cattle movements will be restricted to the judging rings, walkway to the Grand Ring and the loading and unloading area between the cattle building and cattle judging rings.

A cow or heifer may be exhibited either in the In-calf or the In-milk Class as appropriate on the day, but may not be exhibited in both classes.

Judging will take place on the second day and the Male and Female Champions of each Dairy and Beef breed must parade for these Championships.

For the purpose of this Schedule a heifer is a female which has not calved or aborted more than once, nor calved and aborted.

Cattle found to be artificially coloured or in any way faked at any time whilst on the Showground shall be disqualified.

Classes for pure bred cattle are restricted to animals entered or registered for entry in the Herd Book, Appendix to the Herd Book, or Supplementary Register of their respective Breed Society or Association, in accordance with the conditions of entry for each breed shown beneath the respective breed headings.

Power washers using high water pressure must not be used.

The Health and Safety Executive have issued Notes of Guidance on the subject of Cattle Handling, available at This Association feels that it is its duty to draw these to the attention of any exhibitor bringing cattle to this Show, as well as to Judges, Stewards, visitors and the staff of the Show.

All bulls must be fitted with a nose-ring and must be attended at all times whilst the Show is open to the public.  In the interests of safety, all bulls must be controlled at all times on the Showground through one of the following handling methods:

Two people, one using a bullpole attached to the bull’s nose-ring and the other using a rope or chain attached to the halter or head chain via the nose-ring.

Two people both using ropes or chains, one rope or chain attached to a halter, the other either attached directly to the nose-ring or via the nose-ring to the halter.

One person using a bullpole attached to the bull’s nose-ring and a rope or chain attached to a halter, or head chain, via the nose-ring. Make sure there is a competent person standing by to help control the bull if necessary.

Any artificial contrivance or device of any description (other than for the purpose of milking) found on or proved to have been used on an animal at any time whilst that animal is in the Showground, either for preventing the flow of milk or for any other improper purpose, will disqualify that animal from being awarded a prize, and any prize awarded prior to discovery will be forfeited.  The Instigator or The Owner of the said animal may be prohibited from again entering Stock for any of the Association's Shows, for such period as the Council may see fit.   For the purpose of this Regulation, the term 'improper practice' shall be held to include setting of teats, and generally any other practice including tampering or of their own or any other animal by the exhibitor or any other person which results in the animals being shown other than in a natural state, and the Association reserves the right to have all animals inspected by the Association's Veterinary Officers, either prior to, during, or after judging.

The Association will not tolerate the administration to show exhibits (entered either for competition or sale/demonstration) of tranquillisers or other drugs which may in any way affect the performance of the animal in question to have the effect of making it behave in the show ring in a manner which is not natural.   The Association reserves the right to take any necessary samples.   Any Person or Exhibitor (or his representative) who is found to have administered or permitted the administration of any such tranquilliser or drugs to any Show exhibit will be reported to the Council and dealt with at their discretion.   In addition the matter will be referred to the appropriate Breed Society or Organisation.

Any Exhibitor wishing to lodge an objection, having reference to Livestock exhibited at this Show, must make the same in accordance with the objection requirements of the Association. If, on investigation, the objection is not sustained to the satisfaction of the Council, the sum thus deposited shall, at the discretion of the Council, be forfeited to the funds of the Association.   All objections must be lodged on the same day as the alleged incident occurred in accordance with the objection regulations, and no objection will be SUBSEQUENTLY received, unless a reason, satisfactory to the Council be assigned for the delay.

Sheep will be accommodated in hurdle pens, each exhibitors’ sheep penned in adjoining pens, as far as possible, but not in the Commercial Sections.

Single sheep of the same sex and the same ownership may be penned together and, to this end and depending on space available, the Association reserves the right to reduce the number of pens requested by an exhibitor

All exhibitors with MV accredited sheep must send a blank copy of their VALID SAC MV CERTIFICATION – obtainable from the SAC SHEEP & GOAT HEALTH SCHEME – (showing the expiry date), together with the completed Health Declaration Form (see below), with their entries and payment.  The flock’s Scheme Status must also be shown on the entry form.

An original VALID SAC MV CERTIFICATION MUST accompany the sheep to the Show.  Exhibitors MUST show the completed certificate on arrival at the entrance to the Showground otherwise they WILL NOT be permitted to unload any sheep in the Maedi Visna accredited area.

Sheep Health Scheme entries from MAEDI/VISNA accredited flocks will be penned in separate shedding in accordance with the information declared on the entry form by the exhibitor.  There will be clearly marked walkways for MV accredited and non-MV accredited sheep and separate unloading and re-loading areas.

Where MV accredited and non-MV accredited sheep are to be judged in the same ring the following rules apply:
-       All sheep must be halter or collar led;

-       The judging ring will be divided by two lines of barriers with a 2m gap to prevent contact between the different categories;

-       Non-MV accredited sheep will use a different entrance/exit to the ring from the MV accredited sheep.

Exhibitors (flock owners) are responsible for the following:
-       The prevention of any contact with sheep/goats that could compromise the status of MV accredited sheep and goats;

-       To follow the instructions of sheep stewards at all times;

-       If it is suspected that the MV accredited status of a sheep/goat has been compromised, to inform the Steward and Association Veterinary Officer so that the appropriate action can be taken in liaison with the Sheep and Goat Health Scheme Veterinary Advisor.

Please refer to the Sheep and Goat Health Scheme rules for further details or contact:  01387 267260.

All sheep brought onto the Showground must have been dipped and moved in accordance with any DEFRA Regulations in force at the time.

To comply with the requirements of approval under the Scrapie Monitoring Scheme, all exhibitors must comply with and sign the Animal Health Declaration Form.  This includes the statement that all female sheep are not pregnant, have not lambed in the 30 days prior to entry to the Show and have not been subject to procedures to change their breeding season.  For Dorset Horn, Polled Dorset, Finnish Landrace and animals which have been subject to procedures to change their breeding season, each individual female animal must be accompanied by a written declaration to the same effect from the flockmasters or their agents.

Classes for pure-bred sheep are restricted to animals from flocks entered in the Breed Society’s Flock Book or Register.

No colouring matter, dressing, bleaching or chemical agent (except the use of a DEFRA approved non-bloom dip and the use of colourless oil on the head) may be used on sheep brought to the Show.

All sheep must be halter led to and from the judging rings.

Exhibitors must abide by the current Pigs (Record, Identification and Movement) Order.

Pigs will be accommodated in close boarded pens, housed in a marquee.

Pigs may be subjected to a Veterinary examination on the Showground for the purpose of verifying age.

All pigs entered in pure breed classes must be entered or accepted for entry in the Herd Book of their respective breed and must be earmarked in accordance with the rules of their breed.

The use of artificial colouring, whitening powder or oil on pigs as well as the removal or addition of spots by artificial means is prohibited.

All goats the property of one exhibitor will be stalled together so far as possible. There will be a limited number of pens and, in the first instance, entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis from those who have supported the Show in the past four years.

Exhibits in milk in the open classes must be present on the Showground not later than 4.30pm on the day previous to the Show in order that they may be stripped out under the supervision of the Steward at 6.45pm. All other goats must be on the Showground by 8.00am the first day but must not be unloaded until advised to do so by the penning Steward. The entrance for all livestock vehicles will be open from 6.00am until 10.00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The dairy goat classes are held under the Rules, Regulations and Recognition of the British Goat Society. All exhibits must be registered either in the Herd Book, Foundation Book, Supplementary Register or Identification Register of the British Goat Society as in the ownership and in the name of the exhibitor, the registered name and number being quoted on the entry form.   For all goat entries, all goats in milk must have kidded or aborted a minimum of 30 days previous to the date of the Show. No pregnant goat may be admitted to the Showground.  In the event of an unforeseen kidding or abortion the goat must be immediately isolated from other goats.  Full details of the goat, exhibitor and action taken must be reported, in writing, by the Chief Steward to the BGS Secretary immediately after the Show.  Each goat entry should be accompanied by a declaration, signed by the owner.

70)  AGE
The ages of all animals must be calculated up to and including the first day of the Show.

The milking competitions will be carried out and the awards therein will be made in accordance with the British Goat Society’s Regulations. The full udder inspection will commence at 6.45am, to be followed by milking which must be completed by 8.45am and 6.45pm on the day of the Show for the purposes of this competition.

You are stating that you understand, confirm and agree to the following statement:

To the best of my knowledge and belief, the animal(s) I have entered is/are free from clinical disease at the time of entry.  I further declare that all necessary precautions will be taken to prevent the said animal(s) from being exposed to infectious or contagious diseases from the time of entry to their arrival on the showground.

Each and all of the particulars given are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief; that these animals are my own property and that they are duly qualified, according to the Association and Breed Society regulations and conditions, to compete for the prize or prizes for which they are entered.

To conform, as an exhibitor, to all the By-laws and conditions of the Association; to hold the Association blameless in the event of any illness, loss or damage occurring to, or through, any animal I may enter or exhibit at the Show, or of mis-delivery of the same: and to indemnify the Association against any legal proceeding arising from any such illness, loss, damage or mis-delivery.

The Association shall have permission to do the following:  a) store, process and retain, including electronically, all data and personal information provided by exhibitors, for the purposes of operating the Show, maintaining appropriate records and communicating with the exhibitor in future concerning any of the Association’s activities; b) publicise the names and home locations of exhibitors, including but not limited to prize winners, in Show catalogues, on the Show website and elsewhere as part of the operation and promotion of the Show and future Shows; c) pass on the contact details of those who qualify for competitions/championships listed in the schedule to the competition organisers, where applicable, to enable them to make direct contact; d) photography any exhibitor or other person on the showground and store and use the resulting image (including edited or altered versions) for any of the Association’s commercial or non-commercial purposes in all and any media, including, without limitation, use in promotional materials and on the Association’s website, or supply to carefully selected third parties for use for their own purposes.  The Association shall own the copyright of any such images; d) publish the details and results of any disputes and/or appeals.

If it shall be proved to the satisfaction of the Council that an exhibitor or applicant has attempted to impose on the Association and has signed an incorrect certificate, or has attempted to obtain a prize or premium by any unfair means, he shall forfeit any prize or prizes which he may have been awarded and shall thenceforth, be prohibited from exhibiting.

The Association reserves the sole and absolute right to interpret these By‑laws or any other prescribed conditions in the Prize Schedule. Any matter arising therefrom shall be dealt with by the Council, or in certain circumstances by the Honorary Director. All exhibitors and other persons admitted to the Showground or Car Parks shall be subject to the Rules and By‑laws of the Association.

All persons, firms, exhibitors, contractors, societies, etc, admitted to the Association’s property shall be subject to the Code of Practice prepared by the Association as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

By Order of the Council, PHILLIP AINSWORTH, Chief Executive.

The original (1831) objects of the Association were:

This Association shall be called the SUFFOLK AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION and shall have for its objects the Aid and Advancement of Agriculture, the Incitement of Skill, Industry and Good Conduct among cottagers, servants and labourers in Husbandry and the Incitement of Enterprise and Emulation among the owners and occupiers of land.

The Suffolk Agricultural Association celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding with a Show in Ipswich in 1906; in 1931 the Centenary Year was celebrated in Christchurch Park, Ipswich, the 125th Suffolk Show was held on the permanent Showground in 1968; the 150th Anniversary Year Show on the Bucklesham Road Permanent Showground, Ipswich, 1981 and the 175th Anniversary Year Show was held on the re-named ‘Trinity Park’ (formerly Suffolk Showground), Ipswich, 2006.